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Let's enjoy two hours in a ceramics studio with a glass of wine making couple of pieces made by yourself? 


 Sounds fun, right?

            We offer the introduction to a basic technique called slab building. It is enough to make a plate or a bowl by yourself. During March we will offer "Make Your Own Mug" workshop for the first time. It is a bit advanced workshop. Taking the basic one before is just enough.        

            Generally we offer workshops three times a month. Twice on Thursday evenings and once on Saturday afternoon which is usually without wine but we have delicious homemade cookies and coffee. ;)

Although you might be an absolute beginner, I guarantee you will be able to make something like this:

          I glaze and fire them and let you know when they are ready for pickup! Usually 7-10 days.

           We announce the schedule of the ceramics workshops at the end of a month. First in our newsletter (see bottom of the page) and two days later on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

           "Better then going out just for a drink!" -
           "Great for team-buildings!"
           "A therapy :)"
           "Bojana's ceramics workshop-relax mode: on!"

           Check out the experience from one of the workshops on Belle.Grade blog here.

           All the participants get a  10% discount card for one-time purchase at Re:art shop. We also offer individual ceramics workshops.
All the materials and tools are included. Those fancy aprons,too.

Contact us directly for more info.
See you!